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Nations United

We are constantly looking for dedicated individuals to join our team of volunteers.  One of our biggest needs is transportation to and from practice and games.

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Thank you Carl & Celita, Lisa, Coach Chad, and all the parents on Idaho Rush’s Southeast Boise team for making it possible for Stani and Obama to play soccer! They are thrilled to have the chance to play on a team. 


Thank you Coach Kirsten and Team Phoenix for working together to make it possible for Sonia to play soccer on a real team! She is loving this experience! 

"Nations United allows me

to see my students enjoy something they excel at.  I have seen students' English and teamwork skills improve  because they are on this team." Victoria Slichter

teacher at Borah High School,

U19 co-manager

"I learned a lot of lessons and life skills in sports. I chose to help the Nations United soccer team so my students can have the same opportunity I did."

Matt Trejo

teacher at Hillside Junior High,

U14 co-manager

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