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Nations United started as a co-ed soccer team composed of mostly refugee and immigrant students attending schools in the Boise School District.

Community Partners

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What's New?

Spring 2021

We have 120 soccer players playing for Nations United Soccer this season.  We also have our first all girls team and our first competitive team!


Thank You

Big thank you to Damian Arguello for choosing Nations United as the youth sports organization to receive a $1,000 grant as part of his award.

Congratulations to Damian for being named 2020-21 Idaho Gatorade Soccer Player of the Year!

Check out this article from Idaho Statesman to learn more about his amazing season.

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Read about us online:

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How soccer gave Boise kids a reason to believe ... in a team, in themselves


Nations United: 1 team, 1 dream, 1 home


 I like Nations United   because I want to  learn   more things about soccer   and how I can become a  better player and to meet   new players that I don't   know yet.


 I like that I've made friends   and  it doesn't matter what   your color or your religion is.   They still like  who you  are.


 I am excited about Nations    United  because we  are  playing with people we   don't know and we meet   new people and that's good    for us.  Also soccer is



Our program relies solely on grants and donations.  Thank you for your support.